I had a dream last night. It involved a dear friend walking into my foyer (full disclosure - I don’t have a ‘foyer’ in real life). She was ready for a hike - hiking pants, boots, hat, walking stick - the full outfit. She needed to go on this hike so she could “leave her empty mess.” This phrasing hit me as particularly specific.

There are a few reasons this is important this time of year, we are entering the season of Autumn, the time of the Lungs and the Large Intestine, a time for taking in, aspiring for better and letting go of the old and all that doesn’t serve our  greater purpose on this path we call life.

Step One: Identify Your ‘Empty Mess’

We all have things in our life that take up too much time, space, and psychic energy that do not serve us. This is the defining characteristic of an ‘empty mess’. It’s not a significant mess, it's a distracting mess that serves no purpose except to keep the Ego busy. It’s time to clean it up and be done with it.

Step Two: Come up with a Plan

Be specific. It can be daunting to clean up a ‘mess’ in one fell swoop. Maybe you want to eat healthier, have better boundaries in relationship, declutter your home. Whatever your ‘empty mess’ may be, identify easy action items to begin your process of letting go.

Step Three:  Mourn

With any loss, even the loss of an ‘empty mess’ there is a mourning process. Honor whatever you need to do to mourn the loss of this letting go. With mourning, we open up the possibility of new beginnings, new found space, new opportunity, and new relationships.

Step Four: Enjoy Your New Found Space

This is the most beautiful benefit of cleaning our cosmic house, we free up physical, emotional and psychic space we didn’t even know existed. It is infinite, beautiful, bountiful and inspired.

So take the time, in this season of letting go to clean up. Out with the old and open to the new.