My patients often ask me, “I’m doing everything you say, I’m resting, I’m coming in for acupuncture, and I’m feeling better but not 100%.”  Once any ‘red flags’ have been ruled out, we often look at lifestyle and how to leverage the patient’s potential for self-care.

Some thoughts to consider:  How long you have been working or taxing your body beyond its means. How long have you been expending emotional, physical and spiritual resources beyond your capacity? Can you even explain why or how you got caught up in this cycle?

Start thinking of your body as a spiritual bank account.  The body is the vessel in which we work through our life lessons. What lessons have been thrown our way and how are we coping?

Now, how can we not just cope, but THRIVE?

1. Physical Needs.

Always take care of your physical needs first. Have you eaten appropriately that day? Did you get enough rest? Activity? Start bringing awareness to your daily physical life. When your body is uncomfortable or in pain somewhere – what does this mean and how can you remedy this? Do you need outside support?

2. Practice.

Begin a mindfulness practice. When you become angry, depressed or upset – how are you taking care of yourself? Realize where you are investing your resources. Don’t perpetuate emotions that do not serve your goals or greatest potential.  Acknowledge and move on. Mindfulness will also teach you how to “try try again”. Like any practice your potential grows exponentially when you practice. Daily.

3. Thrive.

By cultivating mindfulness and caring for your physical needs, you will learn how to enrich your life’s journey. Apply what you learn to your daily challenges and interactions with the world.

Care for yourself. Love yourself. Most importantly, ensure your actions align with your intentions for yourself, your family, and your loved ones.  


Have patience with your convalescence.

Catherine Craig L.Ac.