We are inundated with pictures on social media of the latest fitness crazes from Crossfit to extreme yoga, body-building and the like. While all these images can be incredibly inspiring they can also be intimidating for the average person.

When working with clients who are looking to lead a healthier life, we always want to consider the role of exercise in their life.

  • Is this person healthy enough for exercise?
  • What is their health history?
  • What are their lifestyle goals?

Understand your Health and your Goals

When a client comes to me, especially with specific weight loss or health goals. We look closely at what they are eating and their lifestyle. Diet and exercise should be something easily accessible for a person’s time and resources.  A concrete plan should be constructed that aligns with their larger health goals.

Breathe Easy for Heart Health

I often encourage clients to find at least two forms of appropriate exercise for themselves – one more active and one more restorative.  For those folks, that can’t participate in more active exercise (high-intensity cardio), there are many ways to strengthen the heart that don’t involve treadmills. I typically recommend doing something you really love and that cultivates the breath – think tai chi, qi gong, Pilates, restorative yoga, or a simple mindful walk in nature.

Stretch! Flex! Repeat!

Weight training and stretching are essential for muscular and bone health.  I often recommend people work with a certified trainer if they are new the weight training to ensure they keep proper form to avoid injury. Don’t forget to stretch after exercise. It is incredibly important to avoid injury and for the optimal health of your tissues.  Warm Epsom soaks and essential oil liniments can also support muscular health and detoxification after the workout.


Pick an exercise or activity you love. Some people love the gym. But, I love being outdoors, in nature, exercising where I feel most at home. Walk to and from work if you can. Play with your kids in the yard.  Get creative with your friends and family and begin to enjoy the movement and free flow of qi that you create in your body.

Track it!

Key milestones and successes should be marked as they are accomplished.  For some people it could mean weight loss, others weight gain. Many people struggle with their cardiovascular health and blood sugar. Measure your success with concrete markers that way you can really see how far you have come over the long term.  Often throughout the course of a transformation, people feel like they are making no headway or have reached a plateau. Tracking progress helps you to realize just how far and how hard you have worked towards your health goals!

Get Started!

Not sure what’s right for you or how to get started? Contact our office for more details on reaching your health and lifestyle goals.