Meridians… Not so Mysterious…

Much like Western medicine, acupuncture is based on an energetic system located within the body.   It is called the ‘Meridian System.’ These meridians traverse specific pathways of the body, connecting the organ systems to one another and are accessed by the exterior world via the ‘points’ located on the skin and in the subcutaneous tissues.  

Acupuncture works through a variety of mechanisms from working directly on muscles and fascia to regulating the nervous system.  Most importantly, and least tangibly it works on the ‘mysterious’ meridian system.

Another Paradigm.  Both opposite and complementary to Western Medicine.

Time and time again in my clinical practice, I diagnose a patient according to the Chinese medicine principles of pulse and tongue analysis – treat according to the Chinese medical diagnosis and get extremely good results in terms of regulating the patient’s chief complaint.

People who have spent years going to doctor after doctor with no answer or diagnosis, often get very good results with acupuncture due to it’s subtle nature at detecting imbalance before it can be pathologized by the Western medicine model.

The Evolution.

The most exciting point in my clinical work with a patient is when they ‘forget’ why they started coming to acupuncture. It is at this point, we can begin to work beyond a bodily process and work on ‘evolutionary processes’ that can improve and excel the quality of a person’s life in terms of relationships - with their Self, loved ones, and the greater world around them.