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The Fire Element: Destruction, Resilience and Vulnerability


The Fire Element: Destruction, Resilience and Vulnerability

We have been living in the beautiful season of the Summer, the Heart and the Fire Element. The Fire element represents a movement between the Wood and Earth elements. It envelops and uses the energy of the wood to make anew, a more fertile and abundant stage for physical, emotional and spiritual growth.

There are three aspects of the Fire element that really speak in terms of working with clients and their relationships (with themselves, their bodies, and their loved ones).  

Fire has the ability to Destroy

The Fire element is destructive when not cared for and contained correctly. Think of building a fire. You need proper fuel. A proper vessel. And proper space or oxygenation. Any one of these out of balance can spell disaster. When in balance, you can bask in the beautiful warmth and recognize the life giving aspects of fire.

Fire strengthens Resilience

Think of the high temperatures used to forge metal and steel. Fire gives strength. Sometimes it is when a person is at their lowest point, that they can begin to use the fire to build resilience of the Heart. We don’t want to think of resilience as a closing of the Heart space at all - quite the opposite. Resilience of the Heart space, comes from the ability to be vulnerable and know the Heart’s offerings.

Fire shows us at our most Vulnerable

Fire exposes. It is the joy that sings out of our heart and exposes the lows that many of us try to keep hidden from the world. Think of a match - so easily put out and extinguishable. This is a time to kindle those vulnerable and delicate places in our heart.

As we say the Fire element rules the Heart. Begin taking care of yourself with Heart centered practices of mindfulness, love and devotion.