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Broken Bowl -  Stomach 12: The Opening of the Earth


Broken Bowl - Stomach 12: The Opening of the Earth

From the broken cracks life sprouts forth new buds of possibility.

This beautiful point is often underutilized due to the finesse it takes in needling it appropriately and safely, but I find Broken Bowl to be essential in treating disordered eating, lung disorders, thyroid disease and neck pain and constraint.

Located in the soft tissue resting at the midpoint of clavicle or ‘basin bone’, this point is at a juncture of complicated neck anatomy including nerves, arteries, veins, and delicate muscular tissue and fascia. This juncture is a place qi easily gets stuck.

By opening up the flow of qi to the head and neck, the stomach channel comes alive,

The only Yang channel located on the front of the body, this meridian is especially important to enlivening the function of the body and specifically the digestive system. By recognizing that food is the means by which we recreate the world as ourselves, we begin to understand the importance of the Stomach and all the potential it holds regarding nourishment on physical and emotional levels.

With this point, broken bowl, there is an understanding of imperfection. The ‘bowl’ mirrors the function of the stomach and digestive system of holding and passing food. It echoes the Earth element’s function of holding fertile ground for growing nourishment. But realizing the inherent imperfection or ‘brokenness’ of this bowl, there is an opportunity for growth and possibility. It is through the breaking of the ground that new buds spring forth.