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Wind Damp Invades the Jersey Shore!


Wind Damp Invades the Jersey Shore!

Enacting Self-Care for Prevention of Colds and Flus

It’s been awfully cold and damp here at the Jersey Shore sending many to seek treatment for their colds and flus that just won’t quit! More and more people are looking to prevent illness and recover more quickly without the aid of antibiotics. We read a lot about how important the immune system is to maintaining health - preventing colds and flus - adapting to the world around us. When the body is in an optimal state of health, it is much more available to fight off pathogens.

I wanted to take the time to share with you my favorite prevention tactics.

Eat with the Season!

Focus on foods supporting the Lungs and Stomach and eliminate processed foods,

Eat whole foods.   Root vegetables are especially good for the earth element organs (spleen and stomach) while apples & pears (especially nourishing when gently poached) support the Lungs. Avoid Phlegmatic foods such as Dairy, Eggs and Glutinous Grains.

Get Spicy!

It’s cold outside! Use warming spices to get micronutrients as well as keep the body warm from the inside out. Spices such as ginger and cinnamon are also potent phlegm busters. Perfect for this time of year! Boil whole ginger and cinnamon for 5 minutes to make a potent brew! For more specific ailments such as cough or congestion - contact the office to see what’s right for you.

Don’t forget your probiotics!

Remember:  Gut health = Immune health. Using a high quality probiotic can also mitigate any nasty side effects if for some reason you need to use an antibiotic for an infection. Even making a warm miso soup with seaweed can be a wonderful way to boost the immune system everyday.

Take care of your skin!

In Chinese medicine, the Lungs are directly related to the skin. Try Dry Skin Brushing (  and Epsom Soaks & Scrubs ( to gently detoxify the body without overdoing it.

Steam Your Way to Health!

This has been essential preventative care for me. I often see patients in the throws of head colds and coughs and need to stay healthy all year long. We sell wonderful ‘Wind Cold Drops’ in the office. This potent blend of essential oils (antiviral, antibacterial and antifungal) clears away any lurking pathogens in the sinus spaces when used in a steam bath. Contact the office to learn more!

Remember Chinese medicine differentiates colds and flus in many different ways - to understand how to treat your specific ‘Wind Cold’ contact our office the moment you begin to feel illness invading.

Always consult your healthcare provider in the event of illness.