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The Season of the Earth: The Role of the Stomach


The Season of the Earth: The Role of the Stomach

For those of us growing up here at the shore, this is a time where we begin to enjoy what we know as ‘local summer.’ It is when the frenetic pace of summer slows. The sun still shining as the days become shorter, ebbing and flowing to allow more room for the coolness of fall to begin breezing through.


It is a time to reflect (especially within the throws of this retrograde) and reconnect. In other words, now is the time to slow down and savor. In Chinese medicine, this is known as the late summer season and connects with the Earth element and the organs of digestion: the Spleen and Stomach.

The stomach is an incredibly special organ, in that it is a hollow vessel where alchemical transformation begins to take place. It is the place where we begin the process of recreating the world as ourselves in all ways.

Not only does the stomach ‘rotten and ripen’ our food, nourishing the physicality of our bodies, it serves many more purposes:

The Stomach Connects to the Eyes.

Put down the screens and take some time to look out at our beautiful ocean, mountains or whatever horizon suits you. Expand how your nourish yourself.

The Stomach Chooses.

The Lungs tend to be victim to the state of the air we breathe, they have little choice in how they breathe in nourishment. The Stomach however, has choice. It is an organ that can decide what kind of foods appeal or do not appeal to us. What kind of experiences appeal or do not appeal to us. In this sense, the stomach deals with many emotional elements as well. Talk to our office about a simple cleanse or fast appropriate to your constitution if you struggle using food to nourish yourself in emotional ways.

The Stomach Reflects the Consciousness of the Earth.

There are many issues these days with food production and how humans connect with food and the Earth. Mass production has been beneficial in so many ways, but damaging in others. We are at a point in time, space and education in this country that human ingenuity and human consciousness have reached a pivotal point. It is a space to walk guardedly down and wisely choose the health of the earth for future generations.  It is not an ‘either or’, but a new solution, possibility and potential that will allow Transformation.   

This next month, our blog will focus on some of the pivotal points on the stomach channel: Broken Bowl, Celestial Pivot, and Bountiful Bulge. As you read along, try connecting with these points to really begin to build a relationship with your stomach channel and all the possibility it holds.