“The small intestine is responsible for receiving and making things thrive. Transformed substances stem from it.” - Nei Jing Su Wen Chapter 8

The Small Intestine is an integral organ to the health of an organism on both the physiological and emotional planes. It is associated with the Fire element in this beautiful season of summer and pairs closely with the Heart, or the Monarch of all the organs. The Heart and the Heart Spirit (or Shen) really work with what the Small Intestine is able to supply.

As nourishment enters the body and makes its way into the small intestine, it is at this point, that it begins the work of separating the pure substances the body will use from the impure substances the body will excrete. The impure substances move into the large intestine and bladder and out of the body. Concurrently the pure substances become a part of the body. It is in this process that we must recognize that Food and Nourishment (emotional and spiritual) is the means we recreate the world as ourselves.

The Fire element is an incredible force of resilience and vulnerability in the process of Transformation. When we are faced with ‘gut level’ choices, it is important to tap into the strength of the Fire element and ask:

  • Is this nourishment one that will serve my higher good?
  • How can I be engaging more deeply in my transformative process?
  • What here is good and pure? And what must be let go?

These are the questions we must ask on a soul level to Grow, Transform and Thrive.