1. The process of making or becoming sound or healthy again.
  2. The act or process of regaining health.
  3. To be well again.

Suffering Doesn’t Cease with Pharmaceuticals

In my role as a healthcare provider, I often talk with people who have been struggling with heart disease, diabetes, chronic pain, fertility issues – the list is endless. Often times, these patients are doing everything prescribed by their doctor.  Often times even when blood work or numbers improve, people cannot understand why they are still suffering.

Unfortunately for most, true healing does not happen overnight. For myself, after a car accident, autoimmune disease, and cancer - it has been a process of 10+ years that involved cycles and stages of healing and growth.

There were moments of stability, upset, intense healing,  – plenty of setbacks and endless emotions.  Mostly life happened.

True Healing Through Patience

I was in my 20s when I went through my health crisis, and I used these experiences to further my personal growth, change careers (I have been blessed to have had 2 amazing careers that I have been endlessly been in love with) and come to the realization that is through our health and other challenges that we learn our true spiritual resilience.

Taking Active Care in Healing

When I found true healing through acupuncture and spiritual practice, my life changed course. The most important point being, my responsibility to take an active role in my lifestyle and healing path.  My greatest privilege in life is being able to help others find their healing path and internal resilience as well.  We all have it.

Going Beyond ‘Healing’

Counseling patients, I find that everyone’s healing path takes place on their own schedule.  The most important aspect as a guide for people in crisis is to maintain a steady course in the appropriate direction.  This can include regular check-ins, dietary intervention, appropriate exercise, and establishing a meditation or stress reduction practice.

Chinese medicine has been such a gift to the thought process of healing, because it understands that true healing does not happen overnight, but is instead a process of getting to know oneself and solving problems in ways that open the world to something greater than the whole.

Into Presence and Joy

We must challenge the assumption that health can be regained. Health is something that once lost in a current state, can be made into a greater, larger and more beautiful state than something that was once was. True healing is showing up fully in your life, present, mindful and joyful.