We are smack in the middle of the season of Metal, the season of letting go, decay, destruction  where base materials begin their process of transformation to precious ones.

The season of the dark feminine, where the leaves fall to the ground and decay into darkness. We are in the entropic movement into the most yin of yin, the space of the Dark Goddess.

This is a time to examine our collapse, to be in the violent inward collapse in purpose of transformation. To process the grief and mourning of ourselves and ancestors and begin the descent upwards.

It is through this collapse we break the binary hold our view has on the world. The limited view that creates violence and fear blocking us from the spiritual heights that leads humans toward their unlimited potential for love and creativity.

By embracing the divinity hidden in each of us, we unlock this power.

Realize your ability to create fundamental shifts in yourself and the world surrounding you.
Make an offering today.
Begin a practice today.
Purge material items today.
Create the positive and good intentions that are born from the darkness.
Know what is authentically important to you and support that direction no matter what.
Stay the course. Weathering any storms.

Honor the dark place, the place of decay and destruction.
The decay that nourishes the future of yourself and the surrounding world.
Embrace the feminine, the Divine and Wrathful feminine.