Stomach 25 or Celestial Pivot

This point is located at about an inch from either side of the bellybutton and is the influential point of the Large Intestine. It is the place, where food or nourishment literally pivots in the body, waiting for release back to the Earth. It is the juncture where heavenly and earthly qi meet, intersect and move forward. This point specifically can treat constipation, diarrhea and other disorders of the digestive system, especially when emotional elements become involved.

Begin to know this point, by practicing abdominal massage daily. Move your hands clockwise over the belly 30 times followed by counterclockwise 30 times to regulate digestion. For loose stools move only counterclockwise, for constipation move only clockwise. You can also use firm pressure over this area to move any stuck ‘qi’ along.

Abdominal massage is an incredibly important aspect to regulating overall digestive health. The much neglected abdomen is an area housing all the essential organs of the body and integral to the health of the whole body. Get to know your belly and all it holds!