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Lung 7 Broken Sequence


Lung 7 Broken Sequence

Autumn is the season of the Lungs and Large Intestine, the season where we clean and clear all that does not serve us. All year long, we accumulate. Our bodies accumulate dampness and phlegm from pathogens, from poor diet, from environmental factors and emotional stresses.  This dampness keeps us from envisioning and living a crystal clear version of our lives. It inhibits our Aspiration on physical, emotional, and spiritual planes.

Lung 7 translates as Broken Sequence with many scholars commenting on its relationship to Lightning. Lightening enlivens, illuminates and clears the sky with its massive energy. Lightning lives when there is a massive electrical force (‘Qi’) that is rapidly discharged from the region between two clouds or the clouds and the earth.  Lung 7 is the lightening of the body. The point that discharges and awakens us from this stagnation and dampness.

Technically speaking, Broken Sequence contributes the following functions in the course of a treatment plan:

Luo Connecting Point of the Lung Channel

Meaning it connects to the Large Intestine channel and is used for disorders where the internal organ and exterior channel pathway experience pathology. It can also be used for psycho-emotional issues - in this case poor memory and a propensity toward inappropriate laughter (Deadman 2007).

Opens the Conception Vessel

One of our prenatal vessels that regulates reproductive functions and bonding. In this case, this point deeply nourishes all the yin channels of the body.  

Treats Wind Disorders

Or invasions of external pathogens. Think ‘common cold.’ In Chinese medicine we differentiate the ‘common cold’ into patterns of Wind (Wind Damp, Wind Cold, Wind Heat etc.) and Lung 7 in combination with Large Intestine 4 is often used to “Release the exterior.”

As you feel a cold coming on, we use this point combination to prevent the pathogen from entering the Lungs. Letting the pathogen move out of the body and shortening the duration and intensity of the cold.

Meridian Use

In day to day treatment and diagnosis, Lung 7 treats Phlegm in the Lungs, congestion of the face and sinuses, shortness of breath, tension in the chest and costal region, and conception vessel disorders.

Needless to say, this point is invaluable and special. I use it everyday. It engenders the lightning that is acupuncture.