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Honoring and Enacting Your New Intentions


Honoring and Enacting Your New Intentions

The holiday seasons can be really difficult on many people. It seems to be the time that all our ‘stuff’ starts to come out and rear its ugly head. But with moving out of the season, it is truly the perfect time to take stock, evaluate where you are happy and where you are challenged with your life and set yourself some new goals, resolutions and most importantly intentions.

There is no right or wrong way to do this, but I wanted to share my process with you so you can learn, adapt and make your own. Trust me this really works!

Create a Space of Healing

Actually and intentionally set aside some time and space for yourself to process where you have been in the past year and where you want to go in the future year. 

Get out your journal, dim the lights, and take some deep breaths to clear your mind. (This is what my space looks like, yours may look and feel very different - just go with it!)

Lofty and Intentional (and then be Earthly)

My intentions always come out big. For example: I am love! I am abundance! I am inspired!

These types of intentions are incredible mantras to continue to use. They touch the ethereal heavens. But in honoring true nature and Earthly needs  - it’s also useful to be specific in enacting these intentions. 

This always brings me back down to Earth -  how am I actually going to enact ‘I am love’ in my life? What will that look like in the coming year? It may be small, and small and manageable is generally more sustainable and no less powerful than big leaps. You have a lifetime to cultivate your intentions. 

Seal the Practice

I often seal the practice by burning the old and keeping the new intentions written in a sacred place. Then it’s important to cleanse the physical body as well. I love either taking a swim in the ocean or a warm epsom soak in the bath. Followed with a generous body oiling with transformative and powerful essential oils such as Frankincense and Jasmine. 

Don’t Forget. Honor Your Intentions. 

Each day of the year, take the time to read over your intentions. Put them in a place that you see or meditate on them daily. Build up good ‘qi’ with your intentions so your actions begin to honor them in your daily life - no effort needed. Begin this new way of living. It will open your horizons expansively in ways you never knew existed. 



Healing the Heart Shen


Healing the Heart Shen

“The Heart holds the office of the lord and sovereign. The radiance of the spirits stems from it.” - Nei Jing Su Wen Chapter 8

Recognizing the Shen

The intangible moment of looking into someone’s eyes. It is that twinkle, that connection. This is the Spirit of the Heart. The Heart Shen. Inherently the heart is a special home, holding this spiritual space responsible for regulating the rhythm of an organism - animating its life force by circulating blood - rich in nutrients and oxygen.

The Heart Shen can be damaged easily by relationship dysfunction, trauma, depression, anxiety, or chronic illness. The eyes begin to look as though the twinkle has evaporated. Left the building. In that moment of looking into someone’s eyes and it's as though the lights have gone out. This is when the heart no longer holds it’s Shen. There is a disconnect between the cosmos and the human organism that the Shen enables in a healthy bodily relationship. It is the Shen that animates this beautiful life force with vibrancy and radiance.

We learn to heal the Shen in these 3 aspects of understanding

Find Growth in Discomfort

Think of soil, rich in dead and broken plants and waste. It is from this nourishment that the most beautiful flowers grow. When we are at our lowest, after grief, trauma, broken relationships, this is the space that we must occupy in order to heal and grow further. It is a time to go inwards, recognize the dark and begin to move towards the light. Notice these moments and begin the process of healing the Heart Shen through relationships with those around who love you. Start small. Reconnect with friends, loved ones, and the natural world around you.

Know Your Heart’s Offerings

We often put so much attention on the other person in a relationship, either as the source of joy, disappointment, anger, blame, shame, expectation, devotion that we easily forget our Self. We forget the beautiful vulnerability and resilience we have to offer both our ‘other’ and  our relationship with the greater world. Rather than building codependency, a space of stagnation and mutual destruction, move in a direction that honors the Shen. It is about a conscious awakening, an expression of Love moving upward and outward together, a mystical dance with the cosmos.  

Heal the Shen in Love

Healing is a process. It can be long or momentary, but have faith that if you know your Heart’s Offerings, your Shen will lead you in the right direction. It is not luck that some find love around them, it is a practice, a skill to serve the greater world with compassion, awareness, and consciousness. Act in love. Be in love. Honor the radiance of the Shen.