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Today is the Day…


Today is the Day…


Today is the Day…

Note: This is NOT a post about ‘politics’ or ‘religion,’ which are social constructs, systems of thinking. It is a post to get you thinking about these ‘systems’ and ‘constructs.’ This is the time to begin to use our creativity to disrupt the major dialectics of today, and question how we will to evolve as humans. How are we to continue on a path of healing, growth, and compassion to live up to our positive and limitless human potential? Think back in history. Identify ONE Human that sets this example of compassion and healing for you and hold them in your heart for today.

Today is the Day…

To recognize your anger and cultivate your compassion.
To use your skillful means and limitless creativity to elevate consciousness.

Today is the Day to Make an Offering…

Exercise your Rights.
Honor your ancestors.
Hug your neighbor.
Pick up some trash.  
Commune with the Mother Earth.
Care for an animal.
Let go of a destructive habit.

Today is the Day to Have Patience..

Our process is not on a timeline. It does not move according to your agenda.
This movement of human consciousness is collective whether we want to admit this or not.
We are inseparable. We must love one another no matter what.

Today is the Day to be Creative..

To bring your accomplishments to the world with skill and kindness.
To work hard with vigor and passion.

Today is the day to Heal..

Healing takes infinite time.
Healing takes place in a moment.
Take time today to heal yourself.
Then tomorrow support someone else in their process.
There is not one answer.
But there is healing.
There is practice.

Today is the Day ...

We listen.
We cultivate empathy.
We understand boundaries in relationship.
We speak our truth.
We honor the trauma of our experience and others’ experience.
We are open to new possibilities.
We use our Skills and Compassion.

Tomorrow we look toward a future that honors our human potential and honors the Earth that houses and holds us. This is the Tao. The Way. The Path.