Be the change you wish to see in the world
— Mahatma Gandhi

We often go through life, living is discontentment. Seeing all we would like to change and challenge. Noticing when bad things happen to me, to the world around me…

Today as we Americans celebrate this day, a day we call Thanksgiving. A day to live in gratitude for the abundance in which we live. Plentiful food, loving families, victorious football teams. We eat, we rest, we laugh and we enjoy the bounty. We take this time to rest and reenergize...

But we must not forget after our rest, comes action.  Action to invigorate this bounty, abundance and gratitude into our daily lives in meaningful ways. To use the privilege that many of us hold to find our way through the darkness of discontentment. We must use our skillful means to show our gratitude…

To honor the Earth.
To honor other sentient beings.
To live in loving kindness and compassion.

We use this deep weight of gratitude, this burden to lift others. To feed others. To be in abundance with your neighbors. Happy Thanksgiving.